Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Decision Day In Arizona

The Arizona state legislature passed a controversial bill (SB 1062) that would allow businesses to exercise "religious freedom" by denying service to anyone.  The bill is ostensibly written to target same sex couples.  At this writing, SB 1062 awaits the signature of the Arizona Governor (R) Jan Brewer.

As a religious leader, I am disgusted that political calculations like this are done behind the fig leaf of “religious freedom” and I feel compelled to speak out.  Because the only religious freedom being exercised here from a Christian standpoint, is the freedom to ignore Jesus teaching. 

Maybe the Arizona legislature was on the golf course this past Sunday, but in church, we heard Jesus point out that God does not discriminate, sending the sun to shine upon the just and the unjust alike (Matthew 5:45).  Something the Arizona legislature should be extremely grateful for at this point.

Gov. Brewer, your state legislature has already caused enough pain to same sex couples and shame to the state of Arizona.  I hope you will do what your legislature didn’t.  Go to the window.  Look at the beautiful sun drenched landscape of your lovely state.

If you do, you’ll know what to do with SB 1062.

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