Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In The Fullness Of Time

Timing is everything in life.  I believe that.  I also believe that I have squandered far too many opportunities waiting for “the right time” which never seemed to come.  Especially if I felt intimidated or overwhelmed.  I can always find something wrong with the timing when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  

Out of a certain degree of necessity, I have perfected the art of procrastination.  Procrastination gets a bad rap sometimes.  I’ve learned to value procrastination.  Some truly forgettable ideas have come and gone in a flash.  I go to bed thinking I can’t wait to get started and I wake up wondering “what was I thinking?”  Procrastination has saved me an awful lot of embarrassment.

I’ve come to understand that timing in life is not a matter of finding the right or wrong moment, but learning instead to trust the moment.  Whatever the moment.  To seize the opportunities each moment presents and understand the limitations.   And I’ve also learned that the more I can get my ego out of the way, the easier that is to do. 

I know that God has a way of slipping a burr under my saddle when God wants me to set out in a new direction.  Trusting the moment is sometimes nothing more than acting on the desire God has placed in my heart, acting in good faith, and waiting for the “fullness of time.”  Which is always God’s time, and not mine.  Thank goodness.

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