Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wherever Two Or Three Are Gathered

It was great to see ECUSA Bishop Eugene Robinson on the Daily Show.  He is the first openly gay man elected Bishop.  He was plugging his new book in favor of same sex marriage.  The premise of the book, in so many words is that love is from God.  When people of the same sex experience love, what they experience is from God, as there is not love apart from God. 

I wouldn’t want to push that analogy too hard, but as a basic operating principle it’s not bad. 

What was really great about his appearance on the Daily Show was another Christian voice added to this conversation.  Not just any voice.  A Christian leader. 

Too often, the Christian position is characterized in popular media by religious conservatives who’s answer to most things progressive follows the famous advice of Nancy Reagan; Just Say No. 

Bishop Robinson’s appearance affirmed again that there is diversity of opinion among people of faith.  I don’t think that can be stressed enough. 

No individual, no group, no theology, no doctrine, has a lock on the Truth. 

At Advent, that’s a big part of what we celebrate, isn’t it?  Emmanuel.  God with us.  When two or three are gathered.

When two or three are gathered, that’s when the fun starts.  Two or three gathered will produce at least two or three points of view.  Sometimes more.

And that’s where God is.  That’s where God has chosen to be.  Right smack in the middle of it.  In the unique messiness of life that happens whenever two or three are gathered. 

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